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Historic, Archive Document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 


MSHIlTGTOi; -•25» "B. 0, ' • - ''^ ' . 


July 13,.^ 1943 

TO All Field Oi"fices of the Fruit and VegetalDle \Bi?i;ii&ii''^ 

FROM: W. C. HasTDrouck, Senior Administrative Officer of the 
Fruit and -Vegetable Branch 

SUBJECT: Handling of collections Tdv Field Offices, 

Effective July 1, 1943, collections ' received for the Fruit and Vegetahle 
Branch must "be handled as follov;s. It is of the utmost importance that 
these instructions he strictly adhered to. They in no v;ay alter the 
procedure for handling collections in the field, through the Federal 
Reserve Banks, or directly through Ifashington. 

Separate schedule of collections must he covering collections 
pertaining to the inspection of fresh or processed foods, or ercpenses 
incurred therehy, for each fiscaJ. year as v/ell as each fund creditahle. 
(Fees and' e:qjenses sho-uJLd, of course, he comhined in a single schedule, 
v/hen they are creditahle to the same fund.) In each case, clear Ij^ indi- 
ca-te, at the extreme center-toii of each schedule, the fiscal year to 
which the collection applies, , . . 

At -the foot of the schedule, the space provided for signature of the 
Inspector-In-Charge, etc., should read as follovrs, 

"Forv;arded 7/3/45 - Alhany, Y. ' 

"By (To he" manually si;q:ned) 

John, Smith 

"Title Asst.. I&tg. Spec, 

"Certificate of Deposit Ho, A-3 dated 7/2/43 - Form 6599 
(Revised)" (This last lino only to he included in instances 
■ • v/here the collection is dexoosited throxigh a Federal Reserve 

In the event collections are deposited through a Federal Reserve Banlc, 
indicate, in the upper left-ha/id corner, the schedule numher assigned 
hy the Field Office; inC., ''"Y-A -5' „ 1/hore offices of the Fresh 
Products Standardi.'^ation and Inspection Division and the Processed 
Prodiicts Standardi:;atlon and Inspection Division are located within 
the same citj-, .irohet'.ule numhers assigned hy each respective office should 
designate the class of the collection — ":TY-A-F-3" for fresh food 
inspections and "lfr-A-P-3" for processed foods inspections. 

As soon as schedules have heen prepared and the covering certificate of 
deposit received from the Federal Reserve Bank, mail the original and 
six copies of the schedule, as veil as the original and duplicate cer- 
tificate of deposit, direct to the Chief^ Fiscal Officer,- Food Distrihu- 
tion Administration, U. S, Department of Agriailturc, Washington, D. C. 
An additional copy of the schedule, o.s v^ell as all corresponding fee 

"bills or other pcrtinont information nUst "be mailod to ¥, C. Hasbrouck, 
Senior Administrative Officer, Jruit and Vogotatlo Branch, Food Distribu- 
tion Administration, U,' S, Department of Agricult^ire, Washington, D, C. 
One copy of the schedule should "be retained in each respective Field 

If collections are forv/ardcd direct to Washington ' for deposit, do not 
nnjuher the schedules . The numbers will be assigned in Washington. 
Forvrard the original and sov en copies of the schedule, together v/ith 
covering checks and all corresponding fee bills or other pertinent ln» 
formation, direct to the Finance and Accounts Division, Food Distribution 
Administration, U. S, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D» C« Do 
not forward copies of the schedules, nor the fee bills pertaining thereto 
to this office . Those will bo furnished by the Finance and Accounts 

Fond 124510 must include collections of all fees covering commercial 
inspections of fresh or processed fruits and vegetables of all 
classes and must be scheduled for deposit to the credit of this fund. 
(Separate schedules must be prepared to cover fresh foods inspections 
and processed foods inspections.) The proper description of the fund 
is - 

"124310-Reim, Insp, of Perishable Food Ez Other Farm Prod," 

This phraseology miist be inserted in the l£ist column of the .-.echedul© 
of collections, Form ITo, 1044, entitled "Fund to be credited, etc," 

Fund 138015,1300 must inclxide collections of foes covering the in- 
spection of either fresh or iDrocessod fruits ^-nd vegetables for -other 
Federal Agencies, as well as r oirabursem.ent of all expenses incurred 
by inspectors of the. PrQces.sed Products Standardization and Inspec- 
tion Division, These must be scheduled for deposit to the credit of 
this fund. Collections covering fees as vrell as crpGnsos, under this 
fund, should be included on one schedule. The proper designation 
of the fund is ^ 

"128015,1200 - Deposit of Foe.s - Gr.ading ^nd Inspection^ 
of Farm Products - Food Distribution Administration", 

Fund 128015, All collections covering the following four (4) 

Trust Fund Agreements must be scheduled for deposit to the credit 
of the respective Trust Fund applicable. 

Symbol Cooperating Party 

128015,0695 Oklalaoma State Market Commission 

128015,1088 ITdbraska Potato Improvement Assn, 

& Wyoming State Dept. of Agri, 

128015,1224 Railroad Perishable Inspection Agency 

128015,1200 Cooperating State Agencies (iTation- 

al Fresh) 

Bind 123015, All collections covering continuous factory 

operations must be scheduled for deposit to.thp credit of the respec- 
tive Trust Fund ap-iDlicable vathin each State, The following is a 
list of all processed foods Trust Funds in effect j 



Sym D 0 i 

otat G 


■ 12o0ib»0oDa 




12o0iDo llo ^ 


T onm PI T T no 

Wash ing 1 0 n 

iidbuio. ±iyo 



T O Q A T C 1 OA O 

Hew York 


T O O A T i:; 1 OA '^^ 

P e nn s y 1 v an i a 

I ov/a 

j-ocsu J.o. xooy 

T Qxas 

J-xIoUlo* .Lbo<d 


1 OQA 1 R 1 CAA 

ooubix oaroxiiiu, 

1 opm T QOA 

Colo rado 

1 on AT p; 1 R^A 

1 opm T mo 


WIS consm 

XciOU J.D» ±ooO 

1Tgv7 Hanipsliire 

1 OQ AT c; IP P^K 

rid me 










IFenr Jersey 






(National Processed) 

Both of the ahove collection instructions carry the same v/ording in the 
"Pund to he credited, etc." column, with the exception of the symhol. 
The column entitled "Detail Description of Purpose, etc.", Should read as 
follows - 

"Continuous Pcactory Scrvico Amount 
7/1-15/43 - 1 Insp. ©$2600.-- plus O.T. '$131.80 
Other Expenses 45«00 $17 6. SO" 

"Presh Prod;icts Inspections 
1 Car Potatoes ©$5.- 5,00" 

"Processed Poods Inspections 
1000 cs. Tomatoes ©$10.- 10.00" 

"Processed Poods Inspections 
' 10000 cs. Tomatoes @$10.- 100.00 
Other Expenses Incurred.... 25.00 

$125.00" ■ 

(To he used vrhen hoth fees and e:cpensos are refundahle 
to the Trust Fund for services rendered in connection 
with o_ther Federal Agencies, paid for hy the vendor.) 

If more than one commodity is involved, it is satisfactory to state- 

"1000 cs, Var, Vegetahles @$ 10,- $10.00" 

or "1 Car Various Fruits ©$5.- 5.00", 

as the case may he, provided those carry the same hase ra.te of charge.